Strategic Planning

DEBLAR’s broad experiential base in evaluation provides our clients with a strategic planning approach which establishes measurable SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound to ensure sustainable growth and funds.  DEBLAR joins with you in creating a plan that paints a bold, clear, compelling, and most importantly inspiring, vision for the future.  DEBLAR’s strategic planning process identifies real needs, comprehensibly and innovatively, with a lens for sustainability.


What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is the process of developing and analyzing your organization’s mission, overall goals, general strategies, and allocating resources.

A strategy is a course of action created to achieve a long-term goal. The time length for strategies is arbitrary, but is probably two, three, or perhaps as many as five years. It is generally determined by how far in the future your organization is committing its resources.

Goals focus on desired changes. They are the ends that your organization strives to attain. DEBLAR’s process for strategic planning involves adapting your organization to take advantage of opportunities in its constantly changing environment.

DEBLAR engages in broad-scale information gathering, exploration of alternatives that directly impact your organization’s ability to generate revenue and to demonstrate to funding sources that your organization is addressing its Strategic Priorities and Goals as seen through the lens of your organizational mission.  DEBLAR is dedicated to strengthening your organization’s position as a viable organization for funders to invest.


Is There a Difference in a Strategic Plan and a Tactical Plan?

Do you know the difference between being strategic and being tactical? Most managers and directors are told to be more strategic in how they think, but the reality is that they must operate tactically.  Research bears out that many individuals are confused and at best on differentiating strategic and tactical.

DEBLAR can provide assistance to eliminate the confusion and correctly inform and educate you in understanding the difference.

Strategic refers to the “what and the why” and tactical refers to the “how.”

Strategic planning and actions look at the “big picture”, recognize patterns and trends, establish priorities, anticipate issues, predict outcomes, and have strategic alternatives to engage as necessary. Strategic plans involve the vision, the mission, the guiding principles and the goals of your organization.

Tactical planning is the “hands-on” or the “doing it” part of getting the job done, to ensure the strategic plan goals are met. The tactics are the detailed actions needed to meet the goals or solve a problem.


Can My Organization do just one of these Plannings?

No…both strategic and tactical planning are very important for your organization’s sustainability. As a leader or management team leader, you must know and use strategy and must also have an awareness of your organization’s tactics. DEBLAR can assist you in demonstrating and explaining to your organization how tactical work makes the strategies work.